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استمتع بصيف بلا بعوض مع جهاز طارد البعوض الذكي من Xiaomi Mijia
يستخدم قرصا مضادًا للبعوض يدوم لمدة 1080 ساعة، ويمكن استخدامه لمدة تصل إلى 90 ليلة (عن طريق ضبطه باستعمال برنامج mihome app)
تأتي التركيبة بمكونات فعالة تطرد البعوض بشكل فعال، وتعمل بدون إضافة أصوات أو روائح مزعجة
كما يمكن ربطه بالأجهزة الذكية الأخرى في المنزل لتحقيق تجربة ذكية متكاملة
يمكنك الآن الاستمتاع بالجو الخالي من البعوض بكل سهولة وراحة


Please note:

  • This product is Chinese version,when you connect it with mihome app,you need to change app location for China mainland.
  • بعد تنزيل برنامج mihome app يلزم اختيار الدولة "الصين" كي تستطيع الربط مع الجهاز


  • 1. The anti-mosquito agent in the Mijia Intelligent Mosquito Repellent 2 uses metofluthrin, and the effective time for a single agent to volatilize is 1080 hours. Calculated by using 8 hours per night, it can be used for about 4.5 months. The entire summer is basically No need to replace.
  • 2. The pyrethroid components contained in the anti-mosquito tablets can effectively repel mosquitoes after volatilization, and the effect is better when used in unventilated spaces. A single Mijia smart mosquito repellent 2 is suitable for a space of 28m3.
  • 3. Different from heated mosquito repellent products, Mijia Intelligent Mosquito Repellent 2 promotes uniform volatilization of the m-dicine through the rotation of the built-in fan, does not produce open flame smoke and dust, and the m-dicine is colorless and fragranceless, mild and not pungent.
  • 4.Mijia intelligent mosquito repellant 2, when opened in the power supply mode, connects to the Xiaoai speaker with the function of Bluetooth Mesh gateway, which can be linked with smart devices in the home.With the cooperation of millet body sensor, the effect of intelligent switch can be realized.

Package Includes:

XIAOMI MIJIA Newest Mosquito Dispeller 2


Xiaomi Mijia




Warm White

Rated Voltage

3.0V=Battery  5V=USB-C

Rated Power

1.7W Max


96.5mm x 96.5mm x 52.7mm / 3.80" x 3.80" x 2.07"


133g / PC


PP+ ABS( bottom is made of high quality organic silicone )

Wireless Connection

BLE Mesh


Main Feature

1.Built-in Little Fan Drive Volatilize,No Need Heating

2.No Need Plug into the Socket (you can place it in anywhere you like)

2.One Button Timing Setting, Ten Hours Timing Setting

3.Easy & Fast Using for Home

4.Total Energy Saving, More than 135 days using in one Time

Effective Area

≤28m³ House or Any Room You Like
(if you house is bigger than that, you can buy two or more mijia Mosquito Killer for using)

How to use

Use your palm press and anti-clockwise rotate (simple as you want)

Power By

2 x AA Battery (Not Included)

Working Time

More than 135 days with effecttive Use

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