MOFT Adhesive Wall Stand & Snap Pad 7.9"-12.9" - اسود

الموديل: 6972243547304

حامل الجدار من MOFT للايباد بأحجام 7.9"-12.9"
مشاهدة بدون استخدام اليدين
يدعم جميع الهواتف والأجهزة اللوحية حتى 12.9 إنش
قابل للالتصاق مرة بعد مرة حتى 30 مرة
رقيق للغاية

  • [ One-piece Design, Simplify Your Life] Rooted in our consistent origami-inspired design philosophy, it's a wall stand that folds out in a second for you to view your tablet at any corner of your house.
  • [ A Wide Range of Applicable Surfaces ] With the custom-designed glue, it sits flush on various surfaces including glass, metal, tile and wood.
  • [ 30-time Repositionable ] Relocate it to any corner, be it by your bed for home automation, or on your mirror to stream a workout, you name it.
  • [ Holds up to 2.8 lbs ] Made with strong recycled fiberglass, it offers solid support for any iPad, tablet, phone and eReader.
  • [ Snap Pad Works with the MOFT Snap Case] With the MOFT Snap Case, you can simply snap your device on and off the Snap Pad. Note: The MOFT Snap Case is sold separately.





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