G-DRIVE® Professional enterprise-class USB-C 18TB

الموديل: SDPHF1A018TMBAA

تخزين موثوق وراقي في تصميم قوي بسعة 18 تيرابايت

تجربة سرعة استثنائية مع G-DRIVE® Professional USB-C. يوفر سرعة قراءة وكتابة تصل إلى 270 ميجابايت في الثانية، مما يضمن أداءً سلسًا وفعّالًا.

سعة عالية ونسخ احتياطي سريع

استمتع بسعة تخزين هائلة تبلغ 18 تيرابايت، مما يجعله مثاليًا لتخزين البيانات الكبيرة وإجراء نسخ احتياطية سريعة وفعّالة.

جاهز للماك، متوافق مع Apple Time Machine

تجربة ممتازة لمستخدمي نظام الماك، حيث يعتبر G-DRIVE® Professional جاهزًا للاستخدام مع Apple Time Machine. قم بإجراء نسخ احتياطية آمنة وفعّالة لبياناتك بكل سهولة.

  • Reliable, premium storage in a durable design
    • The SanDisk Professional G-DRIVE enterprise-class hard drive with a USB-C™ (10Gbps) interface delivers ultra-reliable, high-capacity storage in a premium, stylish design. The 7200RPM Ultrastar drive inside features powerful performance with speeds up to 270MB/s read and 270MB/s write that is perfect for fast backup and access to your HD videos, photos, music, and other high-value content. The stackable, anodized all-aluminum enclosure offers premium durability and anchor points for attaching to a DIT cart, a mounting plate, or other gear for your production needs. The G-DRIVE desktop hard drive also offers LED light brightness customization with three modes to choose from, comes ready for Mac, and is easily reformatted for Windows®.
  • High-Capacity and Fast Backups
    • Back up and access more of your HD photos, videos, and other high-value content. With high-speed data transfers up to 270MB/s read and 270MB/s write using the USB-C™ (10Gbps) port, you’ll be able to focus on what’s important.
  • 7200RPM Ultrastar Enterprise-Class Hard Drive Inside
    • For your demanding workloads and high-value content, you can rely on the power and enhanced reliability of the 7200RPM Ultrastar enterprise-class hard drive inside.
  • Premium, Industrial Enclosure
    • With a stackable, anodized aluminum enclosure, the G-DRIVE desktop hard drive pairs beautifully with your high-end computer and gives you durable strength you can feel.
  • Adjustable Brightness
    • Turn off or choose between three modes of brightness (off, default, and bright) to easily adjust the LED lights.
  • Mac Ready, Apple Time Machine Compatible
    • Ready to go for Mac computers and Apple Time Machine backup right out of the box. Easily reformat for Windows®.
  • Customize Your Workstation
    • Created for workstation customization, the SanDisk Professional G-DRIVE features two anchor points on each side so you can attach to a DIT cart, mounting plate, or other gear to support your production needs.
  • Full Specifications
    • -Features
      • USB-C (10Gbps) drive for fast backup
      • Stackable, anodized aluminum enclosure offers premium durability
      • Anchor points to attach to a DIT cart, mounting plate, or other gear
    • -Capacity
      • 18TB
    • -Connector
      • USB-C
      • Power Supply
    • -Compatibility
      • Formatted APFS
      • macOS 10.15+ (Time Machine compatible)
      • Windows® 10+ (via reformat)
    • -Sequential Read Performance
      • Up to 270 MB/s
      • Sequential Write Performance
        • Up to 270 MB/s
    • -Interface
      • USB 3.2 Gen 2
      • Transfer Rate
      • up to 270MB/s
      • Disk Speed (RPM)
      • 7200 RPM
  • In The Box
    • G-DRIVE Desktop Hard Drive
    • USB-C™ to USB-C™ Cable
    • Quick Start Guide
    • Power Cable
    • AC Power Adapter
  • Dimensions (L x W x H)
    • 8.27" x 5.24" x 1.61"
    • Weight
      • 1330gms 

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