Baseus AIRJOY USB C to Ethernet Aluminum Adapter

الموديل: 6932172606138


Durable with No Overheating

Aluminum alloy casing, excellent heat dissipation for stable operation.

Applicable to Gigabit Wired Network

Smooth and stable connection for Switch.
*Up to 1,000Mbps transmission speed, downward compatible with 10-100Mbps.

Compatible with AppleBook, Surfing with No Limits

USB-A/Type-C port to LAN port for wired network and stable connection.

Supports Campus Networks Much Faster than Wi-Fi

Supports campus networks for faster connection.

A Backup for Damaged LAN Port

Plug-and-play Ethernet adapter.
Connect the USB end of the adaptor to your computer and the other end to a RJ45 LAN port( plug and play for Windows 8/10/11, other systems may need to install drivers).
For Apple OS: System PreferencesInternet-Click “+to create a new serviceChoose USB10/100 LAN or USB 10/100/1000 LAN-Create-Apply (if the light is green after you click“apply’, it means that connection is completed).
For Windows 7/XP: Network and Internet Settings-Change adaptor options-Choose Ethernet

Powerful Chip

A High-speed Expansion Chip offers stable and uninterrupted connection


Unique Indicator Light

A ring of white lights up when operating.

High Compatibility, Plug and Play

Plug and play for multiple operating systems, like Windows, Apple OS, Linux and Vista.
Drive-free installation for Win8-Win11 systems
*XP and other systems need to install a driver, please contact customer service or download the driver on the official website.


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