200mAh Lithium Batteries CR2032 3v For AirTag

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  • High capacity CR2032 - long lasting cr2032 lithium coin cell batteries for all your portable electronics. Ideal as key fob battery cr2032, Apple TV remotes, AirTags, calculators, heart rate monitors, glucose monitors, watches, and other small electronics.
  • Reliable outdoor performance - These batteries 3v cr2032 performs in cold temperatures as low as -4 °F and as warm as 140 °F. Take these cr2032 3v lithium battery in your pokemon go plus or other outdoor devices.
  • 10 years shelf life - Designed with anti-leak and super low self-discharge features, we guarantee this 3volt lithium battery cr2032 will last 10 years when unused and properly stored.
  • Superior components - Made from non toxic metals like mercury, these cr2032 lithium batteries are enhanced with an anti-leak design and built to last.
  • Direct replacement - Tenergy cr2032-battery will fit with your device if you need any of the following battery sizes: 2032, ECR2032, BR2032, LM2032, 5003LC, DL2032, CR2032, KT-CR2032, and more.

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