Miracase Air Vent 15w Wireless Magsafe Car Charger for iPhone MVM51

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احصل على تجربة شحن فريدة مع شاحن السيارة اللاسلكي Miracase Air Vent Magsafe. يتميز بتصميم يسهل التثبيت بيد واحدة، مما يوفر لك راحة الاستخدام.

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استمتع بتجربة شحن فائقة مع هذا الشاحن بقوة 15 واط، حيث يوفر شحنًا سريعًا وفعّالًا لهاتف iPhone الخاص بك. استخدم هاتفك أثناء القيادة براحة وأمان.

Magsafe Magnetic Mount with 15W wireless charging and built in cooling fan to improve charging efficiency.
• Compatible for all phones: If you use an iPhone12/13 series with no case or with official Magsafe case, you don't need to use the metal ring. If you use other phones, or non-official cases, you MUST use the metal ring.
• Better View: With a 136° maximum angle adjustment, the car mount is widely rotatable to your preferred view for a customized viewing experience. This mount won't block your view and air outlet due to the downwards curve-shaped arm, keeping driving safer.
•Strong and Secure: Ultra-strong 12 N45 ring magnets and precise alignment ensure your iPhone
13/12 stays secure throughout your drive for the perfect mount.
•Single-Handed Mount: Get in, snap on, and drive away with a magnetic mount that lets you set your phone in place without slowing you down. Flexible ball joints can be rotated to any angle as your preference. Easy attach and detach, an ideal car mount lets you effortlessly snap your phone on and remove it with just one hand.

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