LaCie Portable SSD 1TB - Up to 1050MB/s - USB-C

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أسلوب يتألق، وأداء قوي 

أداء قراءة يصل إلى 1050 ميجابايت/ثانية وكتابة تصل إلى 1000 ميجابايت/ثانية

استمتع بأداء يتحمل الاستخدام مع LaCie Portable SSD بسعة 1 تيرابايت، حيث توفر سرعات قراءة تصل إلى 1050 ميجابايت/ثانية وسرعات كتابة تصل إلى 1000 ميجابايت/ثانية. احصل على تجربة تخزين فعّالة مع تصميم أنيق يجمع بين الأداء والأناقة.

متوافق مع Mac و Windows

توفر الوحدة التوافق مع أنظمة التشغيل Mac و Windows، مما يجعلها مثالية لمستخدمي الأنظمة المتعددة.

يعمل مع iPad

من خلال ربط LaCie Portable SSD بمنفذ USB-C على iPad الخاص بك، يمكنك زيادة التخزين على iPad والاستمتاع بالمزيد من المساحة لملفاتك.

احصل على أداء يجمع بين الأناقة والفعالية مع LaCie Portable SSD 1TB.

Style That Performs. Performance That Endures.

Experience fast editing, backups, and transfers with full-throttle read speed of up to 1,050 MB/s and write speed of up to 1,000 MB/s. Store high-res source files, images and video. And enjoy universal compatibility across Mac®, Windows®, and iPad® devices with USB-C. LaCie Portable SSD is more than a compact external solid state drive. It’s reliable, forward momentum in every possible way.

Sizzling Speeds Won’t Hold You Back

Create content and collaborate confidently with fast SSD speeds comparable to NVMe (actual data rates may vary depending on operating environment and other factors, such as chosen interface and disk capacity).

  • Edit straight from your external drive with read speeds of up to 1,050 MB/s1 and write speeds up to 1,000 MB/s1
  • Transfer an hour of footage in less than a minute1
  • Edit multiple streams of 4K video
  • Traverse multiple Adobe applications simultaneously
  • Collaborate on the spot by moving files fast between your drive and multiple computers or your iPad

Capacity That Keeps Up with You

Armed with up to 1TB of portable SSD capacity, you can store and edit a massive amount of digital content — up to 100K high-resolution photos2 (the equivalent of 20K RAW photos), up to 65 hours of 4k video3, and the equivalent of over a dozen 128 GB SD cards.

Compatibility to Maintain Your Flow

Compatible with Mac, Windows, and iPad® with USB-C out of the box.
No need to reformat

Comes with USB-C cable for ultra-fast transfers with Thunderbolt™ 3/4 and USB4/ USB 3.2 computers.


Works with USB 3.0


Your Durable Work-
From-Anywhere Drive

An external solid state drive that helps move data from point A to point B as quickly, safely and effortlessly as possible.

Easy, Customisable Backup


LaCie Toolkit makes it simple to give important files the essential added protection they need.

  • Back up on demand with one click
  • Schedule daily, weekly, or monthly backups
  • Sync files and projects across multiple devices

Works with iPad

Connecting your LaCie Portable SSD to your iPad’s USB-C port brings extra storage to your iPad — and it lets you work on all your files directly from your iPad — it’s that easy.

We’ve Got Your Back

When the unexpected happens — like water damage or natural disaster — Rescue Services help you defend against data loss and retrieval costs, so you can rest easier.

What’s Included

  • LaCie Portable SSD
  • USB-C cable
  • Quick start guide
  • Rescue Data Recovery Services
  • LaCie Toolkit: backup and mirroring software
  • One-month Adobe Creative Cloud All Apps plan

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