Rode Wireless GO II wireless microphone system - single

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Rode Wireless Go II Wireless Microphone - SINGLE SET

The world’s smallest and first truly wireless microphone has been reborn. The Wireless GO II is an ultra-compact and extremely versatile wireless microphone system consisting of a dual channel receiver and two transmitters. Incorporating the same unique form factor and professional sound quality as the original Wireless GO with groundbreaking, patent-pending technology, the Wireless GO II is the perfect microphone for a wide range of content creation applications.

The Wireless GO II boasts a range of powerful features, including universal compatibility with cameras, mobile devices and computers, extended range (200m line of sight) and improved transmission stability, on-board recording capabilities, and much more. This is next generation wireless audio.
Key Features:

  • Dual channel wireless microphone system for recording two sound sources simultaneously
  • Series IV 2.4GHz digital transmission, 128-bit encryption – crystal-clear audio at up to 200m (line of sight), optimised for extremely stable operation in dense RF environments .
    Total wireless freedom with up to 200m 2.4GHz digital transmission range
  • 3.5mm TRS analog output, USB-C and iOS digital output – universal compatibility with cameras, mobile devices and computers
  • On-board recording – over 40 hours of internal memory
  • Option to record each channel separately or combine them for ultimate flexibility in post-production
    Highly flexible with the ability to switch between mono and stereo recording modes
  • Safety channel, flexible gain control (three-stage pad, expandable to 10-stage)
  • In-built rechargeable lithium-ion battery – up to 7 hours battery life
  • Designed and made in RØDE’s precision manufacturing facilities in Australia
    Universally compatible with any camera, mobile device, or computer that accepts 3.5mm analog TRS, USB-C, and iOS digital audio output
    Small, lightweight, and perfect for mobile recording applications


1: LED screen
2: Power button
3: USB-C connector
4: 3.5mm TRS output
5: Gain control/mute button
6: Pairing button
7: Mono/stereo mode selector

1: USB-C connector
2: Power button
3: 3.5 mm TRS input
4: Built-in microphone
5: Battery indicator LED
6: Connectivity indicator LED




Unmatched Versatility

The Wireless GO II takes wireless versatility to new heights. Featuring a 3.5mm TRS analog output for plugging into cameras, plus a digital audio output via USB-C for plugging into smartphones, tablets and computers, it is perfect for content creation, filmmaking, on-camera or on-stage presentations, vlogging, YouTubing, livestreaming and more.

On-board recording means you never have to worry about dropouts or audio issues again, while the flexible gain control lets you precisely tailor the output to your device. The Wireless GO II also offers the option to record each channel separately or combine the two, ensuring ultimate flexibility in post-production.


Wireless GO II lounge podcast with RØDE Connect

Ultra-Compact Wireless Audio

The Wireless GO II offers the same pocket-sized form factor as the original Wireless GO. The transmitters and receiver weigh less than 32g, taking up virtually no space in a camera kit bag, backpack, handbag or briefcase. It also comes supplied with a handy carry pouch to keep everything tidy and secure. The Wireless GO II's unique clip design makes it quick and easy to mount onto clothing or a camera cold shoe, mobile camera rig, boom pole, or any cold shoe accessory – ultra-compact wireless audio for any recording situation.

Couple in front of camera mounted on tripod with Wireless GO II connected

Professional Sound. Seamless Connectivity

The Wireless GO II has been designed to deliver professional-quality sound while being incredibly simple to use. The transmitters and receiver come auto paired, ensuring a seamless set-up process every time. RØDE’s Series IV 2.4GHz digital transmission with 128-bit encryption delivers a range of up to 200m (line of sight) and is optimised for extremely stable operation in areas with a high level of RF activity, including dense urban environments, shopping malls, universities, convention centres and offices.

Each transmitter features a high-quality in-built omnidirectional condenser capsule for completely wireless recording, plus a 3.5mm TRS input for plugging in a lavalier microphone. The Wireless GO II is also supplied with twist-and-lock furry windshields for recording in windy or adverse weather conditions. Crystal-clear, professional sound in any situation.

Girl on laptop using RØDE Central app

Couple vlogging on iPhone with Wireless GO II at home

Mechanical Specifications

Weight (g)

TX: 30g RX: 32g

Dimensions (mm)

TX Length: 44 Width: 45.3 Height: 18.3

RX Length: 44 Width: 45.5 Height: 18.3


Acoustic Principle: Pre-polarised pressure transducer

Polar Pattern: Omnidirectional

Frequency Range: 50Hz – 20kHz

Maximum SPL: 100 dB SPL (1kHz @ 1m) dBu

Maximum Input Level (3.5mm): -20dBV

Microphone Preamp Gain: 20dB

Equivalent Noise Level (A-Weighted) : 22dBA

Power Requirements: In-built rechargeable lithiumion battery charged via USB 5V, 0.3A

Operating Time: Up to 7 hours

Analog Inputs: 3.5mm TRS (lavalier microphone input)

Analog Outputs: 3.5mm TRS

Transmission Range: 200m (line of sight)

Computer Connectivity: USB Type-C

What's in the box
1 x TX

1 x RX

1 x SC5 3.5mm TRS cable

Flat Memory Cable Ga, Trs-Trs
2 x USB-C Cables
1 x Storage bag
2 x Furry Windshields


Note: OS Requirements – MacOS 10.14 or later; Windows 10 Version 1803 or later; iOS 14 or later; Android 9.0 or later

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