Flydigi Wasp Feelers 5 beehive Pro Finger Sleeve FiberGlass -Grey/Blue

الموديل: 6931407602082

Brand Name : FLYDIGI
Origin : CN(Origin)
Compatible Brand/Model : None
With USB : no
is_customized : no
Model Number : wasp finger sleeve 5
Material : Glass fiber
Quantity : 1Pairs


Glass silver fiber

Innovative blended glass fiber

Sensitive, flexible and cool


What is glass fiber?

Glass fiber is a high-quality inorganic non-metallic material with high thermal

insulation and high tensile strength.


Insulate your fingers from the high-temperature mobile phone to keep your

fingertips comfortable and cool.


Tens of thousands of pulls return to the original state, flexible and durable.

Very sensitive andcan be manipulated at will.

On the basis of glass fiber, composite 35% imported silver fiber,

This greatly improves the conductivity and sensitivity, and can be manipulated at will.

Fingertips 0 seams

Easy to control and feel good

Advanced multi-parameter intelligent adjustment textile machine, high-precision

sewing eliminates fingertip joints, far away from the experience of hand-handling.

Ring spinning technology.

Breathable and absorb sweat more quickly.

Combined with 18-pin compact technology, heavy hand sweat can still keep dry

and sensitive trigger for a long time.


Spandex inner curl.

Repeated wear does not fall out of silk.

High elastic spandex curling, natural inward

Effectively prevent the phenomenon of wire loss caused by repeated friction.


Four-way elastic structure.

General thumb and index finger can be used.The four-way elastic structure has good compatibility with the masses of the fingers. The wrapping of the fingers is neither tight nor loose, and everything is just right.

Constant comfortable friction.

Easily press the gun, stable output.

Flydigi Beehive 5 keeps the friction force between the fingers and the screen constant, stable hand feeling and control without mistakes.


Smooth handling.

Playing music games is very smooth.

Significantly reduce the resistance encountered during fast sliding of the audio game, reduce the error rate and the fatigue of the fingertips caused by strong resistance.



Free metal storage box with fingertips for portable gaming.


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