iPad Mini 6 gen 8.3" Paper Like Screen Protector Film Matt Anti Glare

الموديل: 2528

Model: Paper-like

Features: Anti-Glare, anti-skid for stylus nib, authentic writing Feeling 


Paper-like Professional Sketching Film

When apple pencil come across with paper-like screen protector, magically turn screen into paper.




Writing, sketching or drawing feels like on paper, working in paperless era without loss the paper feeling.




Authentic writing feeling              Anti-skid for stylus nib                       Anti-glare 


Apple Pencil's Perfect Partner

With the proper damping, Apple Pencil slides smoothly on the iPad surface .





Sensitivity Touching

Delineate every precise and beautiful line.



Real Sketching Paper Board

Familiar paper texture to record every surge of creativity.



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