Value MFI Fast Wall Charger 20W adapter with Lightning Cable

الموديل: 7290118093145

An extremely fast and compact charger that includes a spectacular design and protection against short circuit, overvoltage and overcurrent

  • White fast charging head approved by Apple with a power of 20 watts
  • Value MWC20 A top quality product produced by the world-renowned
  • Value company in the cellular sector,model MWC20 iPhone charger which is suitable for all smartphones on the market that support USB Type-C input Designed for charging Apple products and approved (MFi)
  • Comes with a 1.2 meter cable approved by Apple for iPhones of the USB-C to Lightning type
  • Supports Power Delivery technology for extremely fast charging with a power of 20 watts
  • Has a USB-C to Lightning cable for fast charging Main port USB-C type for charging at a maximum power of 20 watts with an elegant and clean design in black color suitable for any environment - home or office
  • The cable is approved by Apple worldwide for safe use in its devices
  • Recommended for use on all new devices on the market that support fast charging
  • Comes with a quality cable that supports up to 60 watts For fast and safe charging, the product is of high quality and is an excellent replacement for the original chargers, with a protection mechanism against overcharging, high voltage or short circuit, very easy to carry from place to place

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Early 2022


3rd gen.

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