UGREEN HDMI Wireless Extender 50M Video Transmitter

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HDMI Wireless Extender

50 Meters Long Distance✔

HDMI & VGA-Receiver✔

5GHz Wireless Transmission✔

Wide Compatibility

HDMI Port Transmitter for: Laptop, Desktop, PS5/4, Switch...

HDMI & VGA Port Receiver for: Projector, Monitor, TV...

3.5MM Port can connect some audio devices to transmit audio

Point to Point Connection

One transmitter to one receiver, more accurate and smooth transmission, more convenient to use

50 Meters

Long Distance Transmission

With 2 external high-performance antennas ensure stable and low-latency transmission over a distance of 50 meters, making it easier for you to work or teach at a distance

5GHz Wireless Transmission

Adopt 5G transmission protocol, signal enhancement, more smooth and stable in the process of video screen projection and screen projection, say goodbye to problems such as freeze, delay, screen splash, etc

Multi-interface Design

✔HDMI & VGA dual video interface

✔3.5mm audio interface, support external audio devices

PS: The VGA interface needs to be matched with the 3.5MM interface to realize the simultaneous transmission of audio and video


2 Display Modes Available

✔Mirror Mode: Show the same pictures on a big screen

✔Extended Mode: Show different pictures, working & entertainment at the same time

Easy to Operate, Plug & Play

✔Driver-free✔No network needed✔No driver installation

Transmitter/Receiver are using HDMI interface, point-to-point connection, no setup, no networking, no driver installation, You can quickly cast the screen after connection, simple and convenient, office more quickly

Wide Compatibility

Widely compatible with Windows/MAC OS/LINUX and other systems


Built in Powerful Chipset

Both the transmitter and receiver use high-performance digital chips to ensure more stable picture transmission

One-Click Disconnect & Reconnect

After the product is successfully connected, it will automatically reconnect when it is turned on again. One-click to disconnect, convenient and fast, protect your privacy

USB-C Power Supply Port

With an independent USB-C power supply interface, and a 1-meter power supply cable, which can easily solve the problem of low power output of the output device and make the transmission more stable

*Note: Please provide power supply when you use it. Otherwise, unstable transmission may occur.


All in One

Multiple interfaces meet your needs


1080P HD Quality

Support [email protected] high-definition picture quality, true restoration of each screen, clear details rendering

More Details

✔Hollow design, fast heat dissipation

✔Silicone base, stable and non-slip

✔Alloy material, strong and durable

Connection Steps


1. Transmitter

Connect the computer to the transmitter, and the USB-C power supply interface needs to be connected to the computer or power supply.


2. Receiver

Connect the HDMI / VGA cable to the receiver, and the receiver's USB-C power supply interface needs to be connected to a power source.


3. Signal Source

The display device needs to select the corresponding HDMI/VGA signal source.


4. Button

After the product is connected to the device, click the transmitter button and wait for the connection to succeed.

Product Specification


Brand Name



Product Name

Wireless Extender


Model No.


Transfer Method

5GHz Extender

HDMI Resolution:

[email protected], backward compatible with [email protected]

VGA Resolution

[email protected], backward compatible with [email protected]


50 Meter Wireless

Power Supply Port



Aluminum Alloy + ABS


UGREEN Retail Box




Package ListPackage List

Operation Video



Q1: Does this product support HDCP?

A1: Yes, it support HDCP1.4.


Q2: The transmission protocol of this product is?

A2: dopt wireless 5GHz wireless transmission.


Q3: Is the output image of the extender point-to-point or compressed?

A3: In the middle of product transmission is codec, RX output is compressed image output.


Q4: Is there any delay after the video is transmitted through the wireless extender?

A4: About 140ms.


Q5: Does the product support display EDID reading (transparent transmission)?

A5: Use built-in fixed EDID.


Q6: The product cannot be paired successfully?

A6: After the product TX and RX terminals are powered on again, you can press and hold the reset button, wait for the indicator light to go off and then release, the product will enter automatic pairing (the product will have no signal output on the RX terminal and there will be a factory reset instruction on the screen).


Q7: How to check the product if the video doesn't appear?

A7: Follow the below steps please.

1) Check whether the product is powered on. Try to use standard power as the power source. If the power supply is insufficient, it will fail to connect. When the power is turned on, the power indicator of the product is always white.

2) After the product is received, check the status of the TX and RX to see if the pairing is successful. When there is no pairing, the TX end indicator will flash;

3) Reduce the output resolution and refresh rate of the device, and investigate the signal attenuation caused by poor wire material;

4) When there is no signal output from the VGA port, you can connect the display device to the HDMI output port on the RX to check whether the signal is displayed normally;

5) The distance between TX and RX can be shortened (open and unobstructed) for testing, whether there is strong electromagnetic interference in the space.

6) If possible, it is recommended to replace other equipment and try it.

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