Magnetic iPad Pro/Air 11/10.9 Paper Like Screen Protector Film Matt

الموديل: 2411

Take it and use it, install it in one second

When writing and drawing, install the magnetic film on the screen or directly on the hydraulic film.
When chasing drama and entertainment, disassemble the film and store it in the free storage folder.

Can be washed and used repeatedly

Strong adsorption without falling off

Removable paper film

The black magnetic strip is quickly absorbed, and the inner damping tape is firmly attached without slipping.
Compared with ordinary paper film, it is more convenient to install, and it is not easy to generate air bubbles.

Watching the Video is disassembly:Lossless clarity

Install when Drawing and Writing:Enhance the painting touch, and the writing does not slip

Reduce nib wear

Nano sucker

The nano suction cup can be detached repeatedly, and it can be rinsed repeatedly.

Anti-fingerprint matte

Unique matte anti-fingerprint coating, no fear of scratches, no fear of stains, sweat and oil, it will be as clean as new with one wipe.

Gift: Storage Folder

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