Philips UpBeat in-ear headphones with Mic 3.5mm -White

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Big beats, pumping bass

Compact design

Ultra small, big bass Philips MyJam Beamers in-ear headphones feature oval tube inserts for comfort.

Revel in quality sound

  • Big bass and clear sound through efficient drivers
  • A perfect in-ear seal blocks out external noise

Listen for longer

  • Oval sound tube insert provides an ergonomic comfort fit
  • 2 interchangeable rubber ear caps offer an optimal fit

Always ready to go

  • Built-in mic switches from music to phone calls
  • Reinforced cable relief enhances durability and connectivity

2 sizes of ear caps

Ear caps come in a choice of 2 sizes for a personalised and perfect fit.

Built-in microphone

Built-in microphones let you easily switch from music listening to taking phone calls, so you will always stay connected.

Efficient drivers

Philips Vibes in-ear headphones house efficient drivers inside a compact design. They fit perfectly while pumping out clear sound and booming bass.

Oval sound tube

An oval sound tube insert provides ergonomic comfort to fit the true shape of the ear.

Perfect in-ear fit

Ultra small earphones fit perfectly inside the ear, creating a seal that blocks out external noise.

Reinforced cable relief

To extend the life of your headphones, a soft rubber relief between them and the cable protects the connection from damage through repeated bending.


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